Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Three patterns of night dreams frequently I have

In the past I wrote that there is no meaning of dream. But actually, I have some patterns of dreams very frequently. Perhaps, they are associated with unconscious concern of mine.

My past entry: Your dream means nothing

(1) National examination of physician licence

This is the most frequent dream I have. More than 100 times I have this theme of the dream for several years.

I am a medical student, or even high school student in the dream. It is January or December, and I have to prepare myself for upcoming examination. I upset because I have not completed to read some textbook. Mathematics is also annoying me. Of course, math is not the subject of national examination of physician licence in real.

Indeed, I had tough time in preparing the exam. For last a few months, I looked through several textbook every day. Every day I repeated, otherwise I would forget the knowledge. I could no more acquire new knowledge in that stage. So I hoped the day of the examination would some soon.

Is it a traumatic experience? I do not think so. But I have sometimes a dream of this theme, even more than a decade has passed.

(2) Making document of report for successor in the government

Several years ago, I belonged to the Government to be engaged in enforcement of a new legislation of forensic mental health. It was a couple of years with excitement. I could encounter various experiences, some of which were very interesting, others were troublesome.

In the end of the term of contract, I had to success my works to the next officer. It was quite tired task. I investigated a large amount of document I wrote, and describe the summary of them. It took a couple of months. I felt the completion of the task would never come.

After I quit the job, I had the dream of this stressful task some times. I guess I was so exhausted to do. Fortunately, I have no more the same dream now.

(3) Temporary return to Japan

The last dream is ongoing. I had a dream in which I return to Japan almost every day just after I come to the UK. Recently, the frequency is approximately every a few days.

In the dream, I am going to eat Yakiniku. Yakiniku is originated from Korean food. But Japanese style Yakiniku is quite unique and so delicious.

Actually, I do not miss Japan now. I dare not to want to return to Japan soon. But I miss Japanese cuisine: Yakiniku, Sushi, and Tonkotsu Ramen.

I can feel taste completely in my dream. So I wish to eat Yakiniku in my dreams. Unfortunately, I wake up every time I try to eat them.

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