Tuesday, December 2, 2014

UK immigration policy in turning point

The policy against immigration is under discussion in the UK.

Last week, David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK said that there was a need to control immigrants from EU. He referred to three issues: the introduction of a four-year suspension before receiving in-work benefits, stopping child benefit payments for children living outside Britain, and removing migrants who did not find a work during first six months. He declared he would endeavor to make the UK remain in EU if he wins in the next election. However, he did not deny the possibility of  secession from EU of the UK.

The Spectator: David Cameron’s immigration speech: full text

The media deem his statement as a compromise. Conservative Party was planning to cap the amount of immigrants formerly. However, encountering the opposition of Germany, he could not introduce the emergency-brake of accepting immigration even if the cost becomes excessive.

Bloomberg View: Cameron Gets Smart on Immigration

Mail Online: Cameron dropped plans to cap EU immigration after being 'sat on by the Germans' claims top Tory

Needless to say, EU insists absolute freedom to move of workers in EU. If the UK reject them, it would be difficult for the UK to stay in EU. On the other hand, UK independence party (UKIP) is rapidly expanding, targeting the administration of the government. Cameron seems struggling in balance between approval of conservative voters and political correctness.

The UK itself is in a wave of prosperity in some years, whereas EU is in the financial crisis. The state of the UK is a little complicated. I have been in the UK only for three months, however I feel it is quite open and liberal. The benefits and troubles brought by the immigrants should be deliberately evaluated.

By the way, Japan has not even begun to discuss the immigration policy. The population is decreasing, and homogeneity as a characteristics of Japan will be disadvantageous in the future, I am afraid.

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