Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HIV become mild

According to researchers, Human Immunodeficiency Virus is transmuting to milder species.

BBC: HIV evolving 'into milder form'

In Botswana there was a pandemic of HIV, its replication was found lower than the past. Antiretroviral therapy access may influence to attenuating the HIV.

PNAS: Impact of HLA-driven HIV adaptation on virulence in populations of high HIV seroprevalence

The transformation into milder form results from the effort of HIV to survive. In general, lethal micro bacteria can no more survive the environment with highly sophisticated hygiene. This is not only such bacteria is eradicated by sterilization, but also some species select to alter their forms into attenuated one for symbiosis with their hosts. This phenomenon is commonly seen.

In the near future, perhaps HIV infection will be recognized as a common chronic fatigue disease. On the other hand, it is possible that chronic fatigue syndrome, a distinctive illness whose cause still unidentified, may had been a lethal viral infection in the past.

Anyway, weakened HIV results from the continuous efforts of the biologists. I admire their contribution.

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