Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Skymark seek also ANA for collaboration

Skymark Airlines continues to struggle for managing budget. It seems to ask for help to All Nippon Airways (ANA), the second largest airline company in Japan.

According to the media, Skymark is planning to request for support from ANA. The negotiation has not begun yet.

Mainichi: Skymark plans to request support from ANA

Skymark is also negotiating with Japan Airlines (JAL) for collaborating selling. But, the government is reluctant to accept this contract because JAL has a history of bankrupt several years ago. In my past entry, I wondered why Skymark had not chosen ANA as a counterpart. The truth is that it was under discussion.

My past entry: Skymark seek to tie-up with JAL

ANA will not refuse Skymark at all, but it dislikes to give an advantage to JAL. Therefore, it wishes one-by-one collaboration with Skymark.

I think the idea of ANA reasonable. Skymark should choose rather ANA than JAL as an ally. It is strategically right for a weak legion to conspire with the second largest competitor because they can share the goal for beating the top.

Anyway, Skymark seems nearly in the dead end. It is probable for Nishikubo to be forced to sell it, unfortunately.


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