Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nut rage case in Korean Air

There is a flaming around Korean Air.

It was Dec. 5. Cho Hyun-ah, the eldest daughter of the chairman of Korean Air Lines Co, forced an attendant to get off the airplane just before the taking off because the manner of the attendant to serve a pack of nuts in the first class had annoyed her. The airplane had to delay the departure for 20 minutes due to this trouble. The passengers was not informed about the reason of delay.

The Economist: Korean Air and flight delays Nuts!

At first, this incident had not been published. But some employees began to make a comment on the intranet of the company. Meanwhile, passengers seated near to the first class described the situation. In spite of some conflicts of each evidence, it has been revealed that Cho's questionable behavior did damage to the regular operation of this airplane.

After the whole figure of the incident was published, broad criticism rose both inside and outside of the South Korea. Many people deemed the behavior of Cho as problematic. The Minister of transportation would like to prosecute the Korean Air for violating the aviation safety. Cho resigned the post of vice-president of Korean Air. The Korean government seems annoyed to be misunderstood as if Korean Air is a national company.

CNN: Nut scandal executive may face legal action

USA Today: Korean Air to be sanctioned for 'nut rage' cover-up

Such cases is not so rare in Korean Air, or other companies governed by the owners family. In Japan, a grandchildren of the founder of Daio-Paper wasted $140M of its fund for private gambling. He was sentenced to imprisonment for malfeasance.

BBC News: Ex-chair of Japanese Daio Paper arrested for gambling

They grow up in the center of a big company. Some of them become a great successor of the founder. However, some become arrogant in the circumstance in which their desires never fail.

I have heard none of the Third can maintain the dictating position. Whether or not, Korean Air is challenging to recover their reputation.


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