Monday, December 22, 2014

Sony Pictures abandon publishing Kim Jong-un movie

Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary company of Sony, decided to cancel the release of a film titled "The Interview."

This firm is a satirical comedy describing an assassination of Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea. After Sony published the planning of the release, it had targeted of cyber attacks by crackers.

The Blaze: Sony Pictures Cancels December 25th Theatrical Release of ‘The Interview’ (UPDATE: No Further Release Plans)

BBC: Sony cancels The Interview release amid threats

Furthermore, an announcement of attacking cinemas was released via the internet. Film providers got hesitated to publish the movie, worrying about terrorism. It seems to lead to the decision of cancelling.

ArsTechnica: Sony Pictures hackers make terrorist threat against opening of “The Interview”

President Obama expressed a rage against the coercers and disappointment to Sony's decision. Having the report of CIA that it was highly likely that North Korean government was involved in this case, he implied the retaliation of the US to North Korea.

Security week: Obama Warns North Korea Over Sony Hack: 'We Will Respond'

Some people criticize Sony Pictures for bowing to terrorists. To respond them, Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures said that he had no choice but pulling because most movie theaters would not screen the film being threatened.

Reuters: Sony Pictures CEO says had no choice but to pull 'The Interview'

It is natural that many people are disappointed that Sony Pictures was defeated by terrorists. But it seems difficult for Sony to release the film as planned. Few theaters would be willing to collaborate. If terror becomes real, Sony would suffers a huge loss. The risk is not matching the benefit at all.

On the other hand, terrorists have become more arrogant as expected. They demand Sony not to publish the film in any other routes. Sony is now planning to make use of a video on demand to let customers watch the movie. It is still unclear whether the film will be released.

Mirror: Sony Pictures may release The Interview online

I wonder what is the purpose of the coercers. Their action simply means that North Korea cannot accept the film as a fiction. If North Korean government is really involved in this case, it seems stupid in terms of diplomacy.

However, it is not easy for the US to take an immediate reaction, because serious conflict against North Korea will bring few benefits to the US. If North Korea collapse, many refugees would emerge to immigrant to South Korea and other developed countries. The US will have to aid them. It would be a tough and consuming task. After all, the US do not want North Korea to perish. Considering this situation, the intention of the coercers is perhaps merely a provocative game. Annoying.


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