Saturday, September 9, 2017

White Christians are no more majority in the US

The proportion of White Christians in the US is decreasing. And now only 43% of the US citizens are categorized, approximately halved from four decades ago, according to a new survey.

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It is partially due to expanded immigration. The share of Christian remains 70%. But, some Americans are hesitating to belong to a strict cult. The percentage of White evangelicals is now 17%, decreased by 6% in this decade. Their shrinking power to the community might ignite social anxiety, leading to the triumph of Donald Trump, I guess.

The construction of the US is changing. Trump, with typically conservative ideology, is willing to get the US as a republic of WASP. But the concept of WASP itself also became vague. Originally, the US has been a melting pot of many races. Even if Trump administration prohibits immigration, it is difficult to reverse the global trend of mixture of multi-culture. It will be the matter what is the symbol of the integration of the US in the future.

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