Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is magic mushroom a solution for depressive patients?

As I mentioned repeatedly, depression is one of the most serious diseases in the world. The magnitude of its adverse influence on the life of patients and society itself is astronomical.

Therefore, many kinds of therapeutic strategies have been attempted to treat depression. In spite of several hypotheses regarding the cause of depression, medication is still dominant way of treatment. However, each antidepressant is effective to only a third of patients. There are many patients suffering from treatment-resistant symptoms.

Recently, some experimental treatments for depression are focused. Magic mushroom is one of the potential drugs. Psilocybin, a dominant component of magic mushroom is considered to have an effect to make users euphoric. Some researchers believe this fact suggests a possibility of psilocybin as a useful antidepressant. There are a couple of clinical trials conducted.

International Business Times: Two parents' fight to set up the largest ever magic mushroom trial for depression is nearly over

In my opinion, whatever cure depression is welcomed. But I am very skeptical of the effect of magic mushroom. Psychedelic drugs never cure the depressive symptoms but only eliminate inhibiting functions in the brain. In the state of disinhibition, people feel euphoric and cheerful because they cannot see any barriers in the life. But, the reality is different.

Regarding continuous effect should also be examined with a strict protocol. Longitudinal adverse effect of substance with dependency should not be underestimated. Even if a clinical trial is successful, I hesitate to use such psychedelic drugs to patients with depression.

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