Friday, September 15, 2017

Quantum, AI, and singularity

Recently in Japan, the stock price of companies dealing with quantum computing is rising. Quantum computing is one of the focused technologies in recent years and is promised to change the world dramatically.

Quantum computing will be faster than any current machines by millions of times. But its uniqueness is not limited to the speed itself. Many scientists claim the realization of quantum computing will change our life completely.

Independent: Quantum computing breakthrough could help 'change life completely', say scientists

In the article above, what will be changed by quantum computing is not described concretely. It is highly certain that quantum computing will bring us an unbreakable code system. It makes the internet connection completely secure. Cyber criminals will perished due to the rise of quantum computing. Instead, they will become a pickpocket on the real street.

Quantum computing well collaborates with an AI. Current AI program is very progressive, but its quality is limited for the processing speed. If quantum computing is available, deep learning will proceed with incredible speed. In every game in which all information is clarified to the players, computer players will never be defeated by the human.

It is said that the point of singularity is approaching within 30 years. Quantum computing will make its realization faster.

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