Saturday, September 16, 2017

London tube explosion

On Sep 15th, 2017, an explosion occurred in a tube staying at Parsons Green station in London.

Due to this incident, a total of 29 people were injured. Nobody was reported to have been killed so far. The bomb was enclosed in a white plastic bucket inside a supermarket bag. Parsons Green station seems to have been reopened.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, declared that the warning level against terror attack became critical. Armed police will appear on the streets in the coming days, according to May.

The Guardian: London tube bombing: PM says terror threat level raised to critical

Donald Trump tweeted that Scotland Yard should enhance the level of supervision on the behaviors of terrorists. But May did not support his suggestion, mentioning that unlimited speculation by the police would not be appropriate.

However, it is true that London is facing a difficult situation between the public safety and freedom from being censored. This bombing case can be only a testimony for terrorists. It is fortunate that no one has been killed. But it is no more guaranteed for the future.

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