Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Banned sending children by car

Some British primary schools began to fine parents who send their children to the school by car.

International Business Times: Parents to be fined if they drop their children off at school by car

This new regulation was launched on Sep 4th, 2017 in Heavers Farm, on Dinsdale Gardens, and St Chads, on Alverston Gardens. Parents have been prohibited to take on/off their children in front of the school at the limited time. Breachers are going to be fined by 130 GBP.

This strange rule has some ends, according to the media. The schools to be subjected are located on a dead end. Thus, the first reason seems for safety, and avoiding traffic jam is also important.

However, it is described that encouraging pupils to walk to the school is another purpose. I am not sure this comment is rational. Some children have to go to school from distant place. In addition, British people are very sensitive to the security of their children, in my sense. Some parents worry about their kids kidnapped. Their attitude looks a little overprotective from Japanese. I am doubtful how many parents will adhere to this new regulation.

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