Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Women’s World Cup closed: at Pearl Harbor?

FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 closed with the triumph of the US. Japan team, so called "Nadeshiko Japan" was defeated by the US in the final by 2-5.

Women's World Cup 2015 final: USA beat Japan 5-2 – as it happened

I seldom watch sports match. Nonetheless, I would like to bless the both team and everyone contributed to this great tournament.

By the way, there seem some too excited supporters. BBC reported that a considerable amount of people tweeted the victory of the US against Japan using a metaphor of Pearl Harbor so that this term was promoted to a trend in Twitter.

BBC: Pearl Harbor Twitter row after US World Cup win

Needless to say, Pearl Harbor is the place Japan air force aimed at at the beginning of WWII. This sudden attack caused serious damage to the US Army. In addition, the declaration of war had not reached the US at the time of the bombing. This event ignited the hatred of American people, and Japan and the US entered the dreadful war. Even after the war, "Remember Pearl Harbor" remained as a slogan.

Some people tweeted as that the victory in the World Cup was the revenge of Pearl Harbor. Of course, I know most of those tweeted so were just kidding. Otherwise, it would bring serious conflict between the both countries. Indeed, BBC summarized some tweets to introduce various opinions. Some Americans expressed a discomfort to such tweets.

Sports resemble wars. Both arouse the combative spirit. More powerful one will win, and the winner takes all. However, there is one definite difference. In a sports game, the loser can respect the winner. Instead, we can never understand each other with war.

I respect the US team for their excellent skills, even I missed it at all.

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