Friday, July 3, 2015

EU offers free international roaming

The EU, even which is shaken by the issue of Grexit, is eager to abate the barrier between the nations as its members.

Recently, The EU reached the consensus of abolishing mobile roaming charges across the 28 countries by June 2017. It means that not only the international phone call but also internet connection service on abroad will become significantly cheaper.
Reuters: EU strikes initial deal to scrap roaming fees in 2017

When travelling in a foreign country, it is always concerned how to get connected to the internet, as well as using the cell phone. Leading telephone companies have made a contract of sharing the connection with each other. So, you may be able to use your cell phone. But it does cost considerably. If this agreement in the EU is implemented, much travelling across countries in Europe will be much easier.

There are still some issues to be considered. Mobile companies will be exposed to serious competition. It is uncertain whether all traffic can be treated equally, even if the EU demands to do so. Regulation against harmful contents is also different in each country.

Cheap or free internet connection will change the world, as Google and Facebook are also aiming. In developing countries, the development of infrastructure is rapidly progressing. In these countries, innovative technology is rather easy to be introduced, like drones and balloons, because there are few conservative stakeholders. In contrast, several traditional companies are influencing the current situation in developed countries. Occasionally, their opinion hinder the step of further development. This attempt of EU is a challenge to break the old rule. I admire the endeavor of the EU.

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