Friday, July 17, 2015

Return to UK

Just now I returned to my flat.

It was a splendid and fruitful journey. Austria was a beautiful country. And I have learned many things through attending the conference.

I was a little surprised that there were many Japanese cuisine restaurants in Vienna. I saw some restaurants at every corner at the center of Vienna. Most of them dealt with Sushi. I visited a buffet restaurant named "Ginza," a famous town in Tokyo. It looked like a conveyor belt sushi, but adopted the all-you-can-eat style, for 11 Euro. There were two lanes, one of which for sushi, and the other for a hot meal such as spring roll. Actually, I have seen this kind of store once in Germany. The taste was not so extremely bad.

My past entry: Conveyor belt sushi, not bad.

I enjoyed Sachertorte at some famous cafes. Unfortunately, they were not good compared to Japanese ones, too sweet and taste a little cheap. I think London sweets are superior.

In the academic conference, many speakers made an excellent presentation. I was impressed firstly with a lot of sessions. Secondly, several speakers claimed their own opinion with enthusiasm. It was interesting not a few researchers criticized current situation and management regarding forensic mental health. They were not emotional, and productive discussion was conducted in several rooms.

I listened to many seminars. A professor talked about discrimination of citizens against insanity defense scheme and carried out a study to challenge their thoughts. Community treatment order was considered doubtful in terms of prevention of recidivism. Mental health problems in police officers were also issued. I enjoyed a wide variety of discussion there.

There are not many days left for me to stay in London. I will make efforts with mindfulness not to leave any regrets.

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