Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dreadful strike of London tube

On July 9th, London underground experienced the most awful strike in this decade. Main vessels in London were paralyzed, and passengers rushed into the bus so that a bus driver refused to start because of the too crowded vehicle.

The Guardian: Tube strike: commuters struggle in worst disruption for 13 years

In London, we frequently encounter a strike, or any other reasons which cause impairment of some tube lines. Thus, Londoners are rather accustomed to such incident in general. They are also tolerant to personal delay on the meeting. However, the magnitude was so significant that a large amount of citizens were influenced at this time.

In addition, the concentration of London population is reaching the catastrophic point. Traffic jam is terrible, and the body of tubes is too small to commit a large number of commuter. The matter is due to landscape itself consist of old buildings which were structured in the past centuries. Therefore, solving this problem is not easy in spite of efforts of the city authorities such as 24 hour tube.

My past entry: 24 hours tube coming in London

Fortunately, I had no task to use the tube that morning. I visited Strand campus of Kings College London to listen to a seminar in the evening. The way was quite calm, seemed the confusion had been resolved.

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