Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Google admit failure of Google Plus

An internet giant seems to surrender its challenge to gain the initiative in the SNS world.

Google decided to change its policy that had demanded users to have an account of Google Plus for engaging other services. You will no more requested G+ ID for watching YouTube.

Google Plus is a social networking service that Google produced enthusiastically four years ago. Google offered some connective services such as Photo storage and Hangout messenger. It would have been a tough competitor of Facebook and Twitter. However, it has not been spread than being expected by the provider.

The Wall Street Journal: Google Gives Up on Google+ as a Facebook Rival

Indeed, the number of registered users reached one billion in 2013. It seems to reflect, however, the new policy of Google requesting registration for the use of other services.

DAZEINFO: Google+ Reaches 1 Billion Users Mark: +1 Button Is Viewed 5 Million Times A Day [REPORT]

Some Google employees said the reasons for the failure in Google Plus. First, its introduction was too late to overcome proceeding competitors. Second, it was actually not for users but for Google itself. There seems broad controversy even in Google how to carry out this ambitious project. Some employees are fearful to be sectioned-off.

ITProPortal: Google employees on why G+ failed

I began to use Google Plus as soon as I could make my account without an invitation. But soon, I became not utilizing it except blog uploading and photo storing. This current is not surprising as I think all SNSs are going to an infrastructure. But I felt that Google Plus never became in fashion in Japan, in spite of the participation of some famous people like AKB48 members.

My past entry: Facebook in the future

Actually, Google had several failures in business. Even though Google Plus will be withdrawn soon, I expect Google to provide an alternative which is more attractive.

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