Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Google car meet the first crash

Since Google's driverless cars launched in Jan 2015, I have scarcely heard the news about it. Indeed, it seems going well, in spite some accidents occurred.

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According to Google, there has been a total of fourteen accidents relevant to Google cars in these six years. Google claims that the rate of accident is much less than that of usual vehicles. But this number is hard to interpret because of the absolute minority of the vehicles, in my opinion.

The Telegraph: Google blames careless humans after first driverless car injury

Recently, three employees were injured while riding in a Google car. They were taken to hospital with minor whiplash. Google attributed this accident to careless humans who were driving another car to hit into the Google car.

Google blames careless humans after first driverless car injury

ITProPortal: Google blames humans after robot car crashes in California

Indeed, even an auto-driving car cannot avoid an accident caused by another vehicle when it rams into the car. If programmed to dodge any obstacles, it would make a rapid and unexpected acceleration, rather doing damage to the passenger.

Google seems confident of the safety of Google car. I agree with its opinion in general. Most traffic accidents are caused by human error. Automated driving has also been adopted in the airplane. I convince that Google car is much more secure at least than the car I drive on my own.

The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car, Chapter 2

However, there remains a worry about the incompleteness of its algorithm. Considering current immaturity of Windows and other IT software, it is not surprising if some bugs are found in Google driving program. It will take another decade till we can sleep with relaxation in a Google car, I think.

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