Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Best strategy to win the Monopoly

Do you know Monopoly? It is one of the most popular board games in the world, originated in the US in 1903. There are many variations and collaborative designs published.

The players are to proceed on the map to buy the land with their money. Monopolizing a group of sequential lands enables the owner to build houses on the lands. Players stopped at the land have to pay the tenancy fee to the owner. Finally, the last player survived from bankruptcy will win.

You can also play it alone with the iPad, consumer games, and PC. Unfortunately, AI players are too weak to match human players.

World championship tournament and several competitions of Monopoly are held every year.

Recently, Natalie Fitzsimons, a software designer in Ireland won the seat of the 2015 Monopoly UK and Ireland Championship. She told some secrets of triumphant.

International Business Times: UK Monopoly champion Natalie Fitzsimons: Secret to winning is staying in jail for as long as possible

There are three things important in playing the game in this article. Partial collaboration with an opponent, staying in the jail in the climax, and not to overestimate the value of Dark Blue land group, are all critical. However, these things are no longer secret, but essential tips. Of course I knew these facts, so others do.

Monopoly is rather a traditional game. Almost all strategies have been already found. While beginners never defeat skillful players, the person who attract the Goddess of Luck the most will win the game, after all. Nonetheless Monopoly is still exciting game. I hope her good games.

By the way, Japanese has twice got the champion so far.

Ikuo Hyakuta, the first Japanese world champion of Monopoly said that the component of Monopoly playing was divided into four categories: Luck, Strategy, Tactics, and Negotiation. The each value was 4, 3, 2, and 1, respectively.

I agree with his opinion. Firstly, luck is the most decisive factor to distinguish the winner and loser. Regardless of your skills, hard luck brings you a doom in this game. Secondly, you have to draw a grand strategy how to conquer the board in first several turns, watching the land you got and the amount of cash. Tactics is a sense of choice in each turn. Whether you negotiate with other players, build a house, or let them alone, is a crucial decision in each turn. Finally, negotiation skills are essential to creating win-win solutions as many as possible each of which will aid you to reach the final victory.

Interestingly, Hyakuta's formula is suitable to other games, or life itself. Luck is very critical, but the sum of the other factors overcomes hard luck. It looks suggestive.

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