Sunday, April 19, 2015

Will Artificial Intelligence overwhelm human being?

Recently, topics about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is frequently focused. I saw a special article about AI in Nikkei Business, a popular magazine in Japan. According to the article, the AI technology is approaching a turning point.

Nikkei Business Online

Previously, the I recalled some computer avatars in a game, like chess, when hearing about the AI. Indeed, the development of the algorithm of the AI game player is splendid. Even the world champion is often defeated by the AI in Chess. Japanese professional Kishi (Shogi players) are struggling to investigate the strategy of AI player to win the game at the annual match "Dennoh-sen. (The battle of electric king)"

AI is now seen everywhere. A car navigator can tell you the best way to the destination. Google and Amazon suggest you some interesting offers considering your history of searching.

In addition, the recent development of programming has enabled the AI to do self-learning. A new image identification program learned how to identify the cat from the image photo, without any information input by a human. It looked through numerous pictures on the internet to connect with the explanation of them. This process is called "learning" as the same meaning as human children do. The newest AI is said to match 13 years old child in intelligence level.

AI does not get aged, nor die, unlike a human. Furthermore, when an error is detected, AI can update the algorithm and report it to other machines immediately. The speed of evolution of the AI is far rapider than human. It is the reason AI is estimated to overcome human soon.

Some people are concerned about the dystopia brought by the AI. There is an anecdote named "Paperclip crisis." One worker orders the AI to maximize the creation of paperclip. Then, the AI is enthusiastic to create paperclip, compensate for everything than it. The human attempting to cancel the order should be eliminated by the AI, being deemed as the obstacle to the task of maximizing the paperclip. Finally, the world is entirely covered with paperclips.

This story seems ridiculous. But, many famous people such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk are seriously worrying about similar disasters. Some fail-safe solutions are necessary for the time of unexpected events.

It is obvious that AI will get rid of our work. When Google car is realized, taxi drivers will no more needed. Computer transportation is safer and more convenient. Some investment banks have introduced the software to prospect the tide of economic mood. Electronic library and excellent search engines will ban librarians.

Some people are fearful of this story, opposing to the development of the AI. But I do not think so. Human has evolved so far pursuing more effectiveness. If we can survive without work, it is desirable.

Some regions are said not to be infiltrated by the AI, such as education, management, and caring. In the far future, there will be only comedians and nurse as an occupation, perhaps.

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