Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Russia resume the export of weapon to Iran

Russia decided to restart the export of missiles to Iran.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, signed the order for the delivery of a sophisticated anti-aircraft missile system to Iran. This deal agreed five years ago, and Iran had already paid for the missile contract, but the delivery has been suspended in the chaotic situation of Mid-East.

The Guardian: Vladimir Putin authorises delivery of missile system to Iran

This decision of Russia followed the achievement in the international discussion around the issue of nuclear development in Iran. Just recently, Iran accepted the proposal, offered by the other six countries, planning of continuous supervision and gradual shrinking of the relevant facilities. Considering the relieving situation, Russia seemed to prioritize its own benefit.

It is natural that the US is concerned about this deal. However, it did not condemn Russia's decision, perhaps because the political influence of Russia in Iran is considered as crucial to continue the negotiation with Iran successfully.

BBC: US concern as Russia lifts ban on Iran arms delivery

On the other hand, Israel is very critical to this movement. After the anti-air missile system is established in Iran, Israel would not be able to attack Iran. Now, Israel is forced to determine whether to run the fatal attack immediately or not. COUNTDOWN TO ISRAEL ATTACK: RUSSIA LIFTS BAN ON MISSILE SALES TO IRAN

Since the cold war was over, the conflict between Russia and the US has vanished superficially. Instead, several proxy fights such as this case often emerge. Recently, Russia seems ahead to the US in terms of diplomacy, representing the power of America shrinking. The International relationship will become more complicated.

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