Sunday, April 5, 2015

Board game club activity in London

Very recently, I realized one of my dreams. I went to a game circle to play some board games with British and foreign players. It was an amazing experience.

As I wrote before, I am a board game lover. I had played games with my friends. But recently, I had no opportunity to enjoy them.

My past enty: Settlers of Catan, an excellent board game

My past entry: Catan championship at Kamata

There are several gaming conventions held in London. Almost everyday, I receive an invitation from Meetup, a web service for finding people sharing interests after registering.


It was unfortunate that most events are held on the northern side of Thames river, distant from my flat. In this time, I visited a pub very close to me.

A dozen of players gathered there. Everyone was very friendly. I had no difficulty to understand the rules of each game because some people explained it in detail.

I played the games below:

Timeline: Music & Cinema (2013)
It examines your knowledge. You have to arrange the cards according to the year each work printed on the card was released. This task was a little difficult for me because some works were unfamiliar with me. The illustrations were beautiful.

Qwirkle (2006)
It looks like Scrabble or Domino. The players set the square tiles whose color or shape is the same as the next one. If a line of six tiles is completed, the player gain the bonus of "Qwirkle." It was abstract but serious game. Good attention and construction are needed. 

Love Letter (2012)
It is an easy-playing and quick terminating game. Each player draw one card and then play one. Some cards affect another player to force him or her to drop out from the game if effectively used. The last player remained wins the game. Luck and intuition are substantial in this game.

Dixit (2008)
It is a popular game stimulating your imagination. The dealer plays a card on which a strange picture is printed. Without showing the picture, the dealer says some description about it. The other players choose a card in their hands. Every card was opened after being shuffled. The players have to find which card was selected by the dealer. Interestingly, English language was no more a barrier in playing this game. The images of each player against some cards were quite similar. 

King of Tokyo (2011)
It is featuring Japanese SFX movies such as Ultra-man or Godzilla. You play a role of a gigantic monster to conquer Tokyo. You can take some actions in each turn. Your goal is either defeating all opponents or gaining 20 victory points. This fact makes you choose the strategy. Some players became eager to attack the enemies. I struggled to get victory points rapidly, but was defeated by another player just before the winning.

All the games were fun and all players were kind. I hope to come up again.

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