Thursday, April 2, 2015

Air Canada accident

Unfortunately, it is not a joke.

An airplane belonging to Air Canada made a troubled landing at the Halifax Airport, causing at least 25 passengers injured on March 29, 2015. It made an abrupt landing, to skidded off the runway

The Telegraph: Air Canada plane crash lands injuring 25

It is quite fortunate that nobody was killed. Nonetheless, this accident could influence the mind of the passengers as a traumatic event.

The aircraft was also Airbus 320, the same as the crashed one last week in France. It seems mere by chance that the accidents occurred subsequently in this type of airplane, because the previous one was attributed to the intentional move of the co-pilot. The reason of the present case is still yet to be clarified.

The pilot will be investigated to reveal the figure of this accident. I do not believe that this pilot was also mentally ill. Perhaps, it is due to some mechanical dysfunction or human error.

The Globe and Mail: Air Canada pilots to be in the spotlight in Halifax plane crash investigation

After a sensational incident, similar cases tend to attract public attention. Then, we misinterpret it as if there are many similar cases occurred at the same time. In fact, there are always lots of silly cases unreported in many regions.

However, the air traffic accident is rare. The cases having caused the injury to the passengers are usually reported. I feel the number of incidents in this industry may be slightly increasing. If so, cost-cutting competition among the LCCs can contribute to it. Of course, the number of the flights is increasing, making it difficult to take control upon each flight.

I am not sure the safety standard of the airplane should be reconsidered immediately. A Deep investigation in each case is to be prioritized. The next step is to share the information of the results within every airline companies not to repeat the similar accident.

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