Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earthquake disaster in Nepal

A terrible earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th, 2015. It occurred near to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and recorded 7.9-magnitude.

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The tremors after the earthquake unleashed more avalanches in the Himalayas. More than 2,300 people were killed in this disaster now. The activity to rescue the people who were buried in debris is still continued. The number of victims will rise more.

BBC: Nepal earthquake: Hundreds die, many feared trapped

The Times of India: Nepalese dig for quake survivors as toll exceeds 2,300, big aftershock hits

Last night, I had a dream in which I encountered an earthquake, by chance. An earthquake seldom strikes the UK. It means that the damage when it happens is difficult to estimate. Yet, I think it is unlikely the UK would be attacked by this kind of tragedy because the frequency of the earthquake is decided based on the placement of each land plate on the earth.

Some Asian regions, including Japan, are likely to encounter the earthquake, on the contrary. The center of the strongest earthquakes is focused on some specific regions. Chile and Ecuador, India and Indonesia, and Alaska are at risk.

ABC News: The World's Strongest Earthquakes Since 1900

Facebook has launched a service for safety check of your friends in the disaster. It tells you who are in the stricken area and whether they are safe, through investigating the log of Facebook. It is a quite cool solution, because confirming the safety of your friends one after another is annoying for both you and the counterparts. This idea emerged after the earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Japan occurred in 2011. I heard that Twitter played a great role in searching information about separated people for the evacuation. Mobile phones were no use because of extreme congestion of the electricity and spending the battery when it cannot get connected.

The Atlantic: Updating Facebook to Say 'I'm Safe'

I pray for the victims and wish it would not happen again. However, human has not overcome the wrath of nature yet.

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