Saturday, April 11, 2015

Obama banned "correction" for gay

Obama administration banned conversion therapy for gay people. This statement is an answer to the petition by more than 120,000 people after the suicide of 17 yo transgender person. The person was subjected to a therapy to "correct" gender identity.

In the White House statement, conversion therapy was condemned as a solution neither medically nor ethically appropriate. American Psychiatric Association also criticize this therapy.

The Washington Post: White House condemns therapy to ‘cure’ gay youth

I am not familiar with conversion therapy. But I read a textbook about behavioral therapy in which conversion therapy was described. Theoretically, behavioral modification method can reinforce or dismiss any type of behaviors. It is obvious an informed consent is essential before starting such kind of therapies, nonetheless. Indeed, ethical issues were mentioned in detail in the textbook I read.

Obama administration is supportive to sexual minorities consistently. Obama is the first president who affirmed the same-sex marriage. In 2013, Supreme court of the United States judged that same-sex couple should be equally respected in any legal rights.

The cure is also subjected in "X-Men: the last stand," my favorite movie. In this film, mutants are metaphor of minority. It is suggestive that Ian McKellen, as Magneto who is fighting for the right of mutants, is a gay. He said in this film one day they would force the cure. I hope it would not be realized.

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In Japan, Shibuya Ward enacted a rule of same-sex partners in last month. It has nonrestrictive power to give same-sex couples social privileges as if they were married. This new regulation is quite tiny. Nonetheless, I admire the effort of Shibuya Ward, because they might meet many oppositions of conservative politicians.

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