Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yahoo will get Hulu?

Yahoo declared to bid on Hulu.

Yahoo bids on Hulu: Is Mayer another Bartz?

Hulu is an internet service of watching movies and TV programs. The service has been available also in Japan since 2011. I joined Hulu and enjoyed "Sherlock" series by BBC. The other hundreds of drama are listed up. The fee is only $10 per month.

Yahoo is a big company dealing with internet services. The other day Yahoo Japan was the symbol of internet search in Japan, before Google rose. I use Yahoo e-mail and Yahoo auction. But recently Yahoo! is losing his presence.

I knew Ms. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo from the news that Yahoo abolished work from home. I feel her decision as both radical and conservative. Is Yahoo changing?

The amount of money Yahoo offered for Hulu is said as between $600 million and $800 million. Some analysts say the true value of Hulu is $1bn or $2bn.

At least 7 companies including DIRECTV and Time Warner Cable are showing the intention to bid.

The issue most concerned about the bid is whether the license contract between the film providers and the new owner of Hulu would be maintained. If negotiation fails, it is possible that lots of movies will be erased. Then this purchase will do damage to both the winning company and the consumers.

Actually, Hulu is not so popular in Japan. Japanese providers seem to be passive to open their films.
I think that the business model of the TV with advertisement is collapsing. Most companies will have to change their strategy.
I will watch up this battle of purchase.


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