Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Okinawa resort hotels more (2)

Renaissance Resort Okinawa equips some cafe terraces.
The whole cake was sold by only $5! It cannot be.

Some other cakes and baked breads were also on sale. They looked like delicious, but I did not order because I had full stomach then.

This is a view from the window of my guest room. You feel an atmosphere of a resort, aren't you? Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day. Actually, I seldom met a sunny day in Okinawa 

The day was not so hot. Few persons were in the sea.

Beside the beach, some water tanks settled in which tropical fishes swam.
He is a little resemble to me.

The next day, I stayed CoCo Garden Resort Okinawa.

This one was better than Renaissance, I think. The room was gorgeous, and interior design was splendid.

Okinawa offered me fully satisfaction whenever I visit there. It is the resort in Japan.

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  1. >He is a little resemble to me.

    I don't think so... :-)