Sunday, May 19, 2013

Settlers of Catan, an excellent board game

I love Role Playing Game. I sometimes play computer games other than RPSs too. And I also like analog games.

Chess, Backgammon, and Monopoly are quite famous analog games. They are played all over the world. Championship tournament has been performed.

Some traditional board games such as Chess, Shogi, and Go is so sophisticated that a lot of people play them. However, it needs skill and experience to play them well. On the other hand, modern board games are made to play easy for beginners.

Germany is one of the countries where board games are very popular. Many board games were created since 1990s mainly in Germany. Among them, Settlers of Catan is the best one.

The theme of Catan is the development of the island. All players act a role of settlers. We should build some roads, settlements and Cities. We gain resources from each terrain. Each resource can be traded with other players. So you have to collaborate with others. To accomplish a trade, you should make a win-win deal. But, the winner is only one player.

Catan has a lot of advantages as a board game. The main rule is quite easy to understand. The map is variable every game. Therefore, the best strategy is hardly found. An element of luck with dice make the game vulnerable for each player. Moreover, we can learn about strategy, tactics and negotiation skill with the game.

If you have never touched board games, I strongly recommend Catan.

Next month, I will participate in a tournament game of Catan.


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