Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rules of criticism

Today, I read an article about a life hack of criticism whose title was “The four rules to criticize others start.

This entry quotes a saying of Mr. Daniel Dennett, a philosopher and cognitive scientist.

I had readied my own answer to the question about 4 rules of criticism. I think it is a good way of thinking to predict the answer of the author before continuing reading. However, the answers presented by the author were a little different from mine.

The author wrote;
(1) Try to reconsider the opponent's position with empathy.
(2) Pick up the points that you can partially agree with the opponent.
(3) Express about what you learned from the opponent.
(4) And you can criticize or oppose him.

Well, these techniques are useful for you to respect your opponent. A person who feels respected from you would be able to accept your advice, even if it is critical. Respect for each other will help constructive discussion between them.

My own answers were below;
(1) First, declare that you appreciate your opponent
(2) Criticize the opponent's opinion, never the personality.
(3) You should present an alternative plan, if you deny the opponent's idea.
(4) Always be conscious that the purpose of discussion should be constructive, not to be victorious.

I am confident about my own answers. But they are a little negative compared to the author's. I enjoyed learning today.

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