Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Does topless become legal? Current trend and future

New York City police officers are told not to arrest women who show her breasts in public, as the New York Times says. Is it really?
In the US, baring the breasts in public is deemed to be legal, according to the state's highest court.

Baring one's breasts are sometimes used as an appeal for female activists. Ms. Amina Tyler, a topless activist was arrested by Tunisian authorities this week. Femen, the group she belongs to, made a movement of women activity with their performance of topless. Ms. Holly Van Voast, a performance artist, stripped in public such as Times Square, even in the court.

I think that there are two reasons why female activists bare their breasts.
One, to show the breast in public is an easy way to attract attention. Everybody has to watch at her breasts, if in the face of it, either men or women. Moreover, sacrificing her dignity to claim her own opinion may seem to be frank and hungry.
The other factor is that breasts of women are deemed to be a symbol of discrimination between men and women. Several women claimed that it was not rational for women to be forced to hide her breasts not likely in the case of men. Walking in public with bared her breasts represent equality of the sex for them.

Should topless be justified? My opinion is, probably yes. To begin with, topless for women was not a taboo in a certain culture such as in some countries in Latin America or Africa. They are relatively tolerated for nursing a baby in public in Asian countries. On the other hand, traditionally breasts and nipples are deemed as a sex organ in Western countries. So, bared breasts were restricted. Culture is changeable.

By the way, if topless trend were spread, what would happen? I am afraid that acceptance for topless women would not lead to respecting of women’s right. There are innumerable discrimination for women. The first matter to be eliminated is not against topless, I think. Furthermore, if topless women become more common, it would be difficult to attract attention with topless  for activists. It is also ironic.

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