Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doubtful bills about public welfare in Japan

On May 17, 2013, the Japanese Cabinet adopted the bills about welfare and social security.

The Japan Times: Bill would get tough on welfare cheats

These bills aim to reduce the cases of welfare cheat to maintain the system of public welfare.
In Japan, number of the person who are welfare recipients is increasing up to 2.1 million. Mass media reported the cases of welfare cheat repeatedly. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has continued to claim about the necessity of reform of the legislation.

However, I am extremely doubtful about the fairness of the bills.

First, the rate of welfare cheat is only 1.8%, according to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (an official report in Japanese). Even if there may be some unrevealed cases, the percentage is not so problematic. If examination for adopting public welfare performed more strictly, not a few people who need some aid would be excluded, to starve.

The new bill will justify for officials to demand the relatives of applicant of public welfare to support him. Familial support is one of the dogmas of LDP, not so surprising. However, it is dangerous in a certain situation.
Imagine that an official knock your door. He says suddenly to you, “Good morning. You have an uncle who has no enough money to survive. You have an obligation to support him. Look after him, bye!” You do not know that you had an uncle. You telephone to your old mother in a hurry. She says, “Yeah, he is my brother! He went out my home 20 years ago after quarreling with my parents. After that, I have never seen him. He did not appear even in Father’s funeral.”
In this case, you should take care of the uncle. Certainly?

I do not agree to the new bills at all. They will make the society bloodthirsty. I will accept more payment of tax, instead of the restriction of public welfare.

I guess that most people in Japan cannot imagine that they will be an applicant of public welfare.

Indeed, a lot of people will face a financial crisis. Most recipients of public welfare are disabled, patients with chronic illness, or aged. They feel shameful and are hesitating to participate in social activity. Individually, I know some persons a little arrogant, but they are rare.

Japan Daily Press: Welfare recipients feel shame, inferior to society because of financial restrictions

The government tries to aid the recipients to get a job. It is a worthy challenge, but not realistic with some exception. We must work hard, if can, at least to support ungifted people in our society.


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