Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do you like work?

Some people say that it is the best way of life to do your favorite thing as your job.
Other people say it is nonsense. According to them, job is to do what other people do not want to do.
Which opinion do you agree with?

It is no doubt neither is absolutely right. If you truly like your own job, it would be happy about you. However, some time you will face with a great wall of difficulty. Fondness cannot secure joy in every time. On the other hand, even if you hate your job, you may have some unique ability to commit your own work. Perhaps it is tolerance. Then, you can spend money you get from your work for leisure. It compensates for your patience.

I think there are two types of persons. One is fond of work. Work is a part of him. Some entrepreneurs are included. For them, getting rid of work is rather a torture. Twenty-four hours are on time.

In Japan, many business persons were deemed to be this type.
However, it is a little doubtful, I think now.

Some people do not like work. They work for necessity, to earn money to survive. Even persons with the excellent talents of business do not want to work excessively. They take a long vacation. And they are dreaming to retire from work in early age as soon as possible.

It is generally said that this type of thought is common in Southern European countries. Is it true?

Actually, in Japan, early retirement was not an option for most business people. Therefore, we thought that the work was a oblige even if dislike it. The historical situation and cultural trait made our thought. Thought against work is various in spite of nationality. It is the matter of one's priority.

Therefore it is quite important to match the individual trait and demand of working. Forced work is miserable, as same as forced vacation.

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