Monday, April 15, 2013

Aviation accident in Indonesia

In April 13, 2013, a terrible accident occurred on Bali Island. A jet airplane failed to be landed, and crashed into the ocean. Fortunately, no one was sacrificed by this accident.

Yahoo! News: Lion Air jet crashes into sea in Bali; 45 hurt

The airplane belonged to Lion Air, a low cost carrier in Indonesia. This company was involved in 6 accidents since 2002, caused 25 deaths, according to Yahoo! News.

The Aviation Safety Network

There are some databases about aviation accidents, the results shown by which are different one another. says Lion Air has 8 accidents.

Some websites calculate the rate of aviation accidents like this. But it is not reliable for us to make a choice of operators, because accident rate itself is quite low.

The type of airplane was a Boeing 737. Medieval planes are sometimes used, especially in LCCs. But this Boeing 737 was a new machine. The Indonesian government has started to investigate the cause of the accident.

Bloomberg News: Indonesia Starts Investigation Into Lion Air Crash

In Japan, Boeing 787 is infamous because of repeated malfunctions. In January 2013, some Boeing 787s by Japan Airline caused troubles. Boeing Co. had to examine the battery system of Boeing 878 series again to certify their safety.

The Japan Times: Boeing 787 flight tests new battery system

Nowadays, the airplane is the most secure transportation in the world. Nonetheless, aviation accidents often result in fatality. I went to Bali just 4 months ago. I hope the victims would recover soon.


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