Monday, November 12, 2012

Treasures in Okinawa

There are many treasures in Okinawa.

Kudakajima is located in southeast from Okinawa. It is called "God living Island." I tried to go to Kudakajima some times but have not reached yet. The last week I unfortunately missed the last ferry to Kudakajima. Maybe my piety was not enough to get it.

Kudakajima is seen at a hill besides the sea. There are many strange shaped rocks on the hill. So the hill is deemed as a sanctuary, called "Seifa-Utaki."

This is a glance from Seifa-Utaki for Kudakajima.

These are scenes at Seifa-Utaki. Pupils are to pray at the rock ground but general people are prohibited to pray, I heard.

This is a cafe on a hill, named "Kurukuma." by Nakazen corporation. You can eat delicious curry and Asian foods here.

In Okinawa you will see "Seesaa" in any place. It is a guardian lion like a gargoyle or griffin in western culture. This is the entrance of the hotel I stayed.

And we Japanese must not forgot that Okinawa was the only hand-to-hand battlefield in Japan in WW II.
This is "Peace Tower" at Peace Memorial Park.

Even in late Autumn, it is hot in Okinawa.
I ate big chipped ice "Shirokuma," like a white bear.

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