Thursday, November 29, 2012

Does the end justify means?

There are a few persons who use all means to realize their ultimate goal. In fiction, such a person is often described as a villain. And at last the hero, who has good intention and a correct way to perform it, defeats them.

So, is it incorrect that going a wrong way to get the final victory?

A person who does not concern to a right way is to be hated. He throws away former allies mercilessly when they become to be useless. People around him think that they are the next person to be abandoned. So he is often criticized that he has a good end but bad means.

However, is he to be really criticized if he had performed something good?

Theorists say yes. Good will does not justify the evil method. But in the real world, it is often happened that people in the different side attack the method of the leader only to blame him. Once the event ended, they often forgot their own criticism and started to blame another thing.

When this phenomenon occurs, the critics themselves have confused their own goal with the procedure to claim it. That is, they justify their purpose for their means. It is very paradoxical.

Indeed, there are some means not to be justified by any goals. However, we must always take account for the ultimate goal.

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