Friday, November 2, 2012

Beautiful Okinawa and The Busena Terrace

I have visited Okinawa several times.

Japan is a narrow country. But the climate of Japan is variable, for its unique terrain.
Okinawa is southern islands of Japan. It is located at N 26 degree,  categorized
to subtropics.
The sea around Okinawa is extremely beautiful. I guess it is the best of the world!

In Okinawa there are many resort hotels. But I recommend the Busena Terrace.
(website of Busena Terrace, in English)

Last Summer, I visited there. The cost was so expensive, that I stayed only one night. But even so short visit, I was completely satisfied.

It's Busena Terrace.

How modern and gorgeous!

And you will see a great sight of sunset at the main hall of Busena Terrace.
Like this.

I also enjoyed snorkeling in Okinawa sea.
The water was warm and very clear.

Okinawa is both part of Japan and different from Japan.
So that I love Okinawa.

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