Friday, November 9, 2012

Good habit is Mikka-Bouzu

Ten days have passed since I started my own blog. Actually I am proud of myself to continue writing.

In Japan we say "Mikka-Bouzu" as an idiom. It means as "3 days priest." A person makes decision to continue some good habits or abstinent like a Buddhist priest, but only after 3 days the oath is broke easily. Maybe you also have experienced?

Good habits is hardly to be continued, bad one is easily to. One of the reason is the reward. If you did exercise only once, your body weight would not decrease at all. Besides, when you take a tobacco or alcohol you have a fun quickly!

So if you want to continue something, it is necessary that you give yourself a little reward just after you got it. Admiring, something to drink, make records, bless by a friend, and so on.
Several days after beginning, you will find yourself to do it as a habit. How long it takes is various. Maybe it is ten days for me.
It is certain that the behavior established as a good habit once is invulnerable. And it will be a weapon with you.

By the way, tomorrow I will not write an entry. It is a good day for trip!

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