Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Table-talk RPG, my favorite

I like games.

There are many kinds of games.
Nowadays, many people would think that “game” means computer games. But the history of computer games begins only a quarter century ago. Among computer games I like Role Playing Games (RPGs) the best. It is said that the first computer RPG is “Wizardry” or “Rogue” in 1981. Wizardry is so famous in Japan that even now many related works are continuing to be published. “Dragon Quest” series and “Final Fantasy” series by Square-Enix are also popular. My best choice of computer RPG is “the Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion” by Bethesda Game Studio.

But... computer RPG is originally a substitute of table-talk RPG.
Wizardry was made for solo person not to be able to play “Dungeons and Dragons,” an ancient table-talk RPG (now newest version is available), with nearby friends.

What is table-talk RPG?
It is a little difficult to explain the fun of table-talk RPG. It is similar to “table-talk” or ad-lib play.
In traditional style of table-talk RPG, one person plays as the Gamemaster, and other persons are play as heroes or heroines. They are coordinating each other and storytelling. Different from computer RPGs, players can act anything as possible as they imagine. The story is not bound by the rule set by a programmer. So the variety of the story is infinite. Every player can win the game. The absolute rule is to fun!

Table-talk RPG was in fashion in 1980s to 1990s. However computer RPG is replaced them because of their playability and functioning.
I now play table-talk RPG about once a year. And I hope that it will be a lifetime hobby of me.

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