Friday, November 23, 2012

Japanese delicious food

Recently, I wrote about problems in Japan. Yes Japan has many challenges and is in crisis now. But Japan has also some absolute advantages.
One of this is deliciousness of food.

Japanese food is admired all over the world for its high quality. Sushi, Tempura, Saki, and Kaiseki (full course) are world famous.
Among them Sushi is the best I love. High grade Sushi is very expensive. You must pay about $200 or more for first class Sushi course. But in Japan there are cheaper Sushi bar. You will satisfied with about $20 there. It is also good. Sometime I ate Sushi in foreign country but they are inferior.

(Sushi Bar in London; It tasted not so bad, but far different from real Sushi.)

Moreover, in Japan we can eat local cuisine from almost all country. French, Italian and China cuisines are popular in Japan. Korean or other Asian foods are also delicious.

I went US and UK sometime but unfortunately seldom met delicious meals.

A Thai cuisine ate at Chicago was very good.

(Duck Curry; I had not eaten till then.)

Japan is a resource-poor country but has rich international distribution. Tokyo is the best city of the world to eat something good, I think.

I am proud of Japanese taste. So I recommend you to come to Japan and try it.

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