Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decision making is to abandon the future

What is decision making?
I will answer, to decide is to abandon.

Decision making is an important stage of almost every challenge.
In business project, we are to begin with problem setting, collect all opportunity with brain storming, and evaluate them from multiple points of view. At last the leader determines the final choice of strategy.

In evaluating the choices, we can dream several futures. But once decision was made, there is only one pathway. Other chances or time spent are never returned.

Decision making is a way to narrow the path. It is also a commitment to throw away the alternatives.

So after the decision, the leader must not wander. He has abandoned any other futures than selected. He will never know whether he did correct or wrong choice. He must be resistant for the anxiety forever. Any decision are followed by some anger or hatred of the opposite side. The only thing he can do is to believe his decision itself.

Abandoning without wandering is a necessary condition as a leader.

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  1. James Van Fleet
    advised to Korean general during Korean War as followings:

    1, Boss must not become too much emotional in front of the staffs.

    2, Boss must say "Yes" or "No" clearly.

    3, Anyone can become boss if he is perfect in 1 and 2.