Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ruling Conservatives won the UK General election

The general election was held on May 7th in the UK. The ruling conservative party won the highest number of the seat. Conservatives gained 331, over the absolute majority.

BBC: Election 2015 results: At-a-glance

David Cameron declared the triumph, considering the reform of the cabinet. In contrast, Ed Miliband resigned the leader of competitive Labour Party.

UKIP, an extremely right wing party, got only one seat, in spite of worrying of some people including me. It is unlikely for the UK to apart from EU for a while.

My past entry: Parliamentary election in the UK, and EU matter

On the other hand, Liberal Democratic Party, a potential partner of the coalition to Conservative Party, suffered heavy losses, kept only eight seats. There is no more necessity for Conservative Party to maintain the coalition with Liberal Democratic Party.

The vote rate was 66.1%, the highest in this decade. The forecast that conservatives and labours would be closely competing contributed to this high turnout, as well as sunny weather.

Telegraph: General election 2015: highest turnout since Tony Blair landslide

As I have no citizenship in the UK, I had no right to vote. My concern has been the change of foreign exchange rate. As I was afraid, the pound became strong following to the victory of the ruling party. It is a nightmare for me.

(This chart is quoted from Yahoo Finance.)

The UK parliament will be free from political risks for some years, unless some scandals occurs. This situation is similar to Japan. I will keep an eye to Cameron's next move.

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