Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good bye to my KINDLE Paperwhite

This is sad news personally. My KINDLE was broken.

This is my KINDLE Paperwhite, an e-book reader. I have utilized it for two and a half years. It offered me a good experience of reading e-books. E-ink is easy to read for a long time without exhausting my eyes because it does not flash. The battery is long lasting.

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However, the other day, it crashed. A part of the screen failed to respond anymore. I tried restarting the device. But it was no use. The lower side of the screen looked normal. A similar phenomenon is reported. I guess that the e-ink panel was broken.

You Tube: Ray Cama's Amazon Kindle Screen Crash

I have an idea of the cause of this failure. I struck my waist on the ground during equipping the KINDLE in my pocket. The sudden pressure at this time might do a fatal damage to the KINDLE screen.

I have to abandon this lovely gadget. In the near future, I will buy a new KINDLE, perhaps KINDLE Voyage. It is unfortunate to lose my KINDLE by an accident, but 2.5 years is not too short as a mortality of a gadget, I accept.

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By the way, I broke the glass screen of my smartphone by dropping it recently. I should take care of my move.


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