Wednesday, May 6, 2015

British fatty liver

Dr. Quentin Anstee, a consultant hepatologist at Newcastle University and the Freeman Hospital, warned about the harm of overeating. According to him, by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is increasing in the UK, and it will be the most common reason to need liver transplantation by 2020.

The Guardian: Most liver transplants by 2020 will be 'linked to over-eating, not alcohol'

The liver plantation is an ambitious solution for internal diseases, despite it has become secure than in the past. Dr. Anstee seems not to say this surgery. He meant that overeating is a potentially serious problem.

It is said that about one-third of Britons has a similar condition to fatty liver. The fatty liver itself is frequently seen, but a continuous burden on the liver may cause fatal problems. Foie-gras is made from a fatty liver of a goose. Forced tube feeding for geese to create delicious livers is criticized as an animal abuse. We take a similar act on our body, ironically.

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One-fourth of British people is obese, according to the research, although I feel the proportion is fewer. Overweight is a national problem in the UK, as well as in the US.

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I think British cuisine is not so dangerous for the health. On the other hand, I have never seen anti-obese campaigns in London. In the supermarket, many foods are discounted if you buy two or more. Each pack contains a large portion.

British people eat sweets frequently. They buy a pack of caramels or chocolates in the morning and eat them up at work, sharing them with their colleagues. Some people are keen to make an exercise, but it seems difficult for obese people to continue the practice.

There are some healthy foods available. I bought a pack of mayonnaise with extra-low fat. However, it tasted terrible. I never tried it again and replaced it with a normal one. In general, obese people are eager to eat delicious food. There is room for improvement of the taste of low-fat foods. In addition, making healthy diet look as cool is necessary.

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