Saturday, May 2, 2015

False allegation of raping the mother

This is strange news. A teenager was proven to be innocent because the mother confessed that she had a dream of being raped by him.

The Guardian: Teenager found not guilty of raping his mother after she said it was just a dream

The case happened in February 2014. An woman called the police and explained that her son had attempted to rape her. The son was arrested as a suspect, although denying the charge.

However, in the court, the mother said that this case had not really occurred. She explained to the jury that she might have a dream and her son had only cuddled into her at this night. The prosecutor suspected that she made a lie to protect her son. At last, the jury judged the son was not guilty.

This case looks absurd at a glance. However, I think there are several factors to have made this case complicated.

First, the mother was drunk heavily at that night. In addition, she had a history of psychotic disorder, according to the media. She told that she had been so frustrated at the time of incident.

Second, the boy was suffering from Asperger syndrome and ADHD. He might have a difficulty to explain what happened at the night. His mother had also felt difficult to get along with him. On the other hand, they often shared the bed at night. Considering their complex relationship made the court misinterpret as if such an immoral crime was feasible to be committed.

Third, rape is extremely sensitive crime. The victim of rape seldom sue the culprit for some reasons, mercy for the offender, desire for forgetting the accident, or simply shame. Statement of the victim is indispensable to sentence the raper. Therefore, prosecutors tend to encourage the victim not to withdraw the complaint strongly. Indeed, the mother considered to withdraw the complaint several weeks after the charge, but no one listened to her seriously.

This is a case that an innocent person was near to be sentenced because of some unfortunate factors. I feel scared imagining I am involved in similar cases as a lay judge in Japan.

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