Saturday, May 9, 2015

Princess Charlotte and the monkey

A royal baby was born on May 3rd, 2015, at St Mary's Hospital in London, being celebrated by many people. And their parents, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named her as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

BBC News: Royal baby: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge name daughter Charlotte

Charlotte is a quite popular name. According to Skybet, a famous bookmaker based in Britain, Charlotte had been the most expected name by the gamblers.

In Japan, Charlotte Kate Fox, an actress in the US attracted public attention because she played the heroine of "Massan," a TV drama produced by NHK. She also contributed to making the name of Sharlotte familiar to Japanese.

Just after this delightful news, a little scandal occurred in Japan. The Takasakiyama zoo named a baby monkey Charlotte on May 6th. In the zoo, the first monkey born in a year is to be named from latest events. Charlotte had won the vote of visitors, overwhelmed Kei, originated from Kei Nishikori, a Japanese tennis player.

However, the decision by the zoo ignited broad criticism immediate after the publication. Many Japanese seemed to feel that giving a monkey the princess' name is an act of disgrace on the royal. The zoo reconsidered the naming. However, its policy has not fixed, according to the media. It said to be going to consult the embassy of the UK.

BBC News: Japan: Zoo sorry for naming monkey after new princess

Responding to the media, British Royal Communications replied that they did not concerned about the name of a monkey. One British citizens said to the interviewer that there were no hierarchy in species. (sources uncertain)

I believe that the zoo and the voters had no intention to defame the royal family of the UK. Perhaps, some people named their own cat Charlotte in these few days. Nevertheless, I think the decision of the zoo was careless in terms of the lack of imagination. It is true that some people dislike the royal name being given to a monkey. On the other hand, I am doubtful about the act of Japanese blaming the decision of the zoo as a mouthpiece for British nationalists.

It is unfortunate that the zoo seems not accustomed to deal with this kind of incident. It has to extract the decision immediately, and rename the monkey without spending time. Consulting the authority can only deteriorate the trouble. It is a waste of time to consider the best way deliberately.


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