Sunday, May 17, 2015

Flight meals

You may have experienced terrible cuisine in the airplane. There are several reasons why you cannot be happy to eat in the air.

BBC: Why does food taste different on planes?

This article above introduced some factors influencing your taste buds. Low humidity makes your mouth dry. It causes compromised the sense of taste. I think it is the dominant reason your taste becomes blunt in the airplane.

In addition, low pressure and noisy circumstance can inhibit your sense of taste and smell, according to the article. Indeed, I do not enjoy the meal in a noisy pub even if its menu is famous.

Limitation of cooking methods in the aircraft is another reason. Using an electric oven is prohibited in the airplane, needless to say about direct fire. Most preserved foods are optimized to be heated with an electric oven. Foods in the airplane are warmed by a convection oven. It can also cause a difference of tastes.

Although not mentioned in the article, I think that narrowness of the seat contributes to the bad taste. I always feel uneasy when served the meal because I have to be careful not to spill the meal to the next seat. I hope the meal is put away as soon as possible. In such atmosphere, I cannot enjoy the meal. Actually, I sometimes decline my meal in the airplane.

I had an opportunity to use a business class. The food was superior to that in an economy class, but far from satisfactory.

My past entry: Comfortable airplanes

Some airline companies offer curious meals. JAL and ANA, flagship companies in Japan often collaborate with famous franchises, such as Mos Burger and Hilton Hotels.

Pacific Business News: New partnership between Hilton and Japan airline ANA highlights Hawaii

In contrast, Low-Cost Carriers offer terrible meals in general. It is acceptable as a compensation for a low price. However, I have heard some airlines in Asia offer delicious fried rice in spite of the low cost. Unfortunately, I have not tested it.

By the way, most meals served in the airplane contain abundant salt and pepper for the purpose of improving the taste. You have to be cautious of this fact if you have hypertension or renal diseases.


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