Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation in Italy (7)

Vacation in Italy (1)
Vacation in Italy (2)
Vacation in Italy (3)
Vacation in Italy (4)
Vacation in Italy (5)
Vacation in Italy (6)

Finally, I came back to Rome.
The first day of Italy I could not walk around Rome, so I was willing to go sightseeing.

Rome was so huge city that I could not look around Rome completely in a few days. The general view of buildings was stylish and relatively calm. However, there were enormous people.

All in all, the Colosseum was the face of Rome.
When I visited, a part of it was under maintenance.

The shape was gigantic.

And there were huge walls inside.

This is an internal view of the Colosseum.

I heard that the floor of the Colosseum was gotten rid of for the alternative use in the ancient era. I could see several bare cells underground. They may be used to shut slaves and beasts in.

How great it is!

After seeing the Colosseum, I went to see some ruins in Rome nearby.

This is an ancient shrine. I imagined Roman and Greek myths.

This was an ancient city.

Then, I walked around Rome city. This is the Mitsukoshi building in Rome.

It is a real Roman holiday.

At last, I visited Trevi Fountain.

The square around the Trevi Fountain was extremely bustling.

It's my vacation.
Even though there might be lots of sights worthy to visit, I was completely satisfied with Italy.

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