Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PS4 and PS Vita TV, marketing by Sony

Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) is coming soon.

Tech Radar: PS4 release date, news and features

PS4 will be released in November 2013 at $399 in the US. The date of release may be determined to compete to Xbox one powered by Microsoft.

Play Station official magazine UK: PlayStation 4 release date confirmed – PS4 arrives November 15th in the US, 29th in the UK

The Inquirer: Xbox One will beat PS4 to market with 22 November UK release date

However, the launch of PS4 and Xbox one is delayed in Japan. The release date of PS4 is confirmed in Feb. 22, 2014.
Xbox made in the USA aside, it is shocking for Japanese to know that the release of PS4 by Sony is delayed even for 3 months. There seem to be some reasons.

First, Xbox one will not be launched in 2013 in Japan. So Sony need not hasten to release the competitive PS4.
Second, launch at the same time all over the world is quite tough.
Third, sales of PS4 will be successful in the USA, but not in Japan.
Fourth, softwares for PS4 are not enough prepared.

In addition, I am afraid that Sony will no more take care of Japan.
About Reader, an e-book reader, Sony had launched it in the US first in 2006. The Reader store service has begun since 2010 in Japan. However, I have not heard that the business is successful.
Perhaps Japan is not a fascinating market for Sony. Shrink of population in Japan must result in declining.

In the future, many companies will get out of Japan. The entertainment industry is one of the benchmarks. Good grief.

On the other hand, Sony published information about the PS Vita TV service.

KOTAKU: Introducing PS Vita...TV

This is a PS Vita compatible console, and also will be a competitor to Apple TV.
PS Vita TV will be launched in Japan in November 14. Sony is targeting to Japan for the sale of this new smart TV service.

I am quite interested in marketing strategy of Sony. However, I hesitate to buy one of these game consoles. There are lots of other games to play in my house. I will watch an eye in the battle between Sony and Microsoft for a while.

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