Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria war is coming?

The situation around Syria is growing more strained.

Heard that chemical weapon was used by the Syrian army, the US seems to be willing to defeat Syria to act as a police of the world.
However, citizens in the US do not want to bomb Syria. Several posts showed the answer of Americans not to support the intervention of the US military upon Syria.

HUFF POST: The American People Really Don't Want To Bomb Syria (POLLS)

If the operation is carried out, this will be the most hated wars for the US.
In contrast, lawmakers in the US seem to be positive to attack Syria. President Obama decided to ask for the opinion of the congress. Even some leaders belong to the opposite Republican party claimed the necessity of the bombing.

The NEW YORK TIMES: House Leaders Express Their Support for Syria Strike

On the other hand, the UK, one of the major allies of the US abandoned to cooperate with the US. The majority of members of Parliament voted opposition. Ask for reconsideration about it was also declined.

BBC NEWS: Syria crisis: Calls for second UK vote rejected

More than 150 UK soldiers were killed in Iraq war began in 2003. Economic status is not so good in the UK now. The UK perhaps hesitates to intervene other countries. Prime Minister Cameron failed to gain the consent of the parliament.

Every person and every nation have their own position. The war looks not to be avoided. However, I wonder the US has a solution to unite Syria after disarming the military of Syria. Corruption of a hegemony calls more confusion, in general. It is a longstanding problem which is not solved even now.

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