Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tokyo is the host of 2020 Olympic

The International Olympic Committee has decided that Tokyo would be the host of the 2020 Summer Olympic games. The voters chose Tokyo rather than two competitors, Madrid or Istanbul.

CNN: Tokyo to host 2020 Olympic Games

I am glad to see the result as a Japanese.
To be honest, I expected that this vote would be more close battle. Perhaps Tokyo was admired as a safe and convenient city.

The accident of Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant in 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami disaster might be a serious disadvantage for Tokyo to be chosen. Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan and Mr. Naoki Inose, Governor of Tokyo had attempted to cancel the negative image of this accident.

Some people in Japan criticize their statement about Fukushima.
First, Mr. Abe said that the radioactive water leaked from the power plant was so controlled that there was no anxiety of pollution of the Pacific Ocean. Actually, it is doubtful that the accident has been solved. We should make more and more effort to recover surroundings of Fukushima.
Second, Mr. Tsunekazu Takeda, the chairman of the Olympic Inviting Committee in Japan commented that Tokyo was far distant from Fukushima so Tokyo would be safe in Sep. 4. This statement was blamed. According to them, it is no matter how far from Fukushima to Tokyo, there is an accident. His comment was deemed as if he separated Fukushima from Japan.
The fact is that, Tokyo is safe. Though I live nearer to Fukushima than Tokyo, I dare not to evade. Nonetheless, I think his statement was a little reckless.

Anyway, Tokyo is chosen. It is our responsibility to make Japan more comfortable for foreigners.


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  1. It is nice to see Tokyo Olympic, however, Fukushima' situation is still serious. Mr Abe said that "Fukushima is under control" is it true? Comtaminated water is still increasing, leaking to underground and.. maybe going to sea. We must call it "out of control" now. We must make it "under control" until 2020.