Monday, September 2, 2013

Closed circle and death game

Today, I watched a Japanese movie describing a death game in a closed circle.
I dare not to write the title because it was no good at all. I hear that the original novel is splendid far different from the movie. So I will read the original work.

Closed circle or Locked Lodge in Japan is one of the archetypes of mystery. Being locked in the house or other narrow place, all the people cannot escape because of some natural disasters or intentional tricks. Then, a murder case occurs. The people are fearful to know that they have to stay with the unidentified murderer. It is a stereotype that the person who says "I dare not to be with the murderer! I do not believe anyone! I shall go home!" will be the next victim.

In addition, "Death Game" is also an archetype in a context of mystery. It is a situation that the participants have to suspect each other and are forced to attempt to kill others. This kind of novels describes the human mind and behaviors in an extremely serious condition.

I like this type of stories. However, few works have satisfied me.

I feel that most of Death Games do not have reality at all. Of course it is a fiction. But I want to read a persuasive novel that I feel this situation of the novel can exist in the real world. Actually, there are only two patterns of the reason of Death Game. One is an experiment of psychology and the other is a gamble for extremely rich persons. Both of them are not persuasive for me.

Today's movie was not an exception.

In Japan, there are lots of work dealing with closed circle. I love Mr. Yukito Ayatsuji, who create several thrillers of this theme, such as Jukkakukan no Satsujin [A murder case in Ten-edged mansion].
On the other hand, Death Games are popular in Manga, rather than novels, in Japan. Mr. Nobuyuki Fukumoto is one of the most famous writers dealing with gamble and psychological war as a theme.

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